Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics
Harmonic Remedies
Levels 1,2,3 and 4

Improve energetic health with crystals or essential oils or colors or homeopathics, ... selected with the Lecher antenna

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What you'll learn Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies method

This is what you'll know and be able to do after taking this course

  • Know why to use Harmonic Remedies to balance the bio-energies

  • Know what a Lecher antenna is, how it works, how to handle and use it correctly.

  • Know how to do a full reading of your or a person’s bio-energies.

  • Know how to screen for Harmonic Remedies (crystals and/or colors and/or essential oils, ...) with a Lecher antenna and to measure how well they balance the bio-energies.

  • Know how to proceed when you are not in possession of any Harmonic Remedies.

  • Know how to proceed when you have a set of crystals or colors or essential oils or homeopathics or Bach flowers ...

  • Know how to proceed when you have more than one set of Harmonic Remedies.

  • Know how to perform the reading and select Harmonic Remedy/Remedies as distance work.

  • Know how to check whether objects worn on the body are interfering with your or a person’s bio-energies and how to make the objects compatible.

  • You will be amazed at how accurate this method allows you to select the appropriate and most useful remedy/remedies. You will be convinced that, when screening for the remedies, there are laws of nature at hand here that we, at this point in time, do not fully comprehend. It allows you to step through a doorway to a wonderful and very little explored world of yet unexplained physics.

Watch Intro Video

Teaser video Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies

Bio-resonance Harmonic Remedies

The Harmonic Remedies can be one or more sets of any of the following:

  • Crystals

  • Essential oils

  • Homeopathy

  • Bach flowers

  • Gemmotherapy - plants

  • Minerals - oligo elements

  • Chromotherapy (specific color filters - same as in the DELMOTVIBRES-method but used in a different way)

  • Phytotherapy

  • Floral complexes

  • Schüssler Salts



Till 31 December 2022 only !

Meridians and chakras

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Energy Medicine

During a bio-energy reading, many different energy signals are verified to see whether we are functioning optimally.

In this course the meridians and chakras are also measured with the Lecher antenna and this at different levels and then balanced/corrected by means of the Harmonic Remedies.

The meridians and the chakras are the energy pathways and energy centers in our body.

The obtained results provide essential knowledge about our energy's anatomy and what issues have to be addressed by the Harmonies.

The source of the Lecher antenna settings are from the Dr. Hartmann research group in Germany.

Photos meridians courtesy of Thunderchild 7 at flickr.com
Lecher antenna course Harmonic Remdies

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

    • Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

  • 3

    Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics - Harmonic Remedies Bioresonance Levels 1,2,3 and 4: Section 1: Introduction

  • 4

    Basic Level 1: Section 2: Why balance the bio-energies with Harmonic Remedies and cases

    • Why balance the energies - how do Harmonic Remedies work

  • 5

    Basic Level 1: Section 3: What is a Lecher antenna and how does it work

    • What is a Lecher antenna

    • How does a Lecher antenna work

    • General remarks

  • 6

    Basic Level 1: Section 4: How to prepare and hold the antenna

    • How to prepare the antenna

    • How to proceed when you have a different antenna

    • Importance of beneficial setting

    • Importance of beneficial settings - demonstration with 3 Lecher antennas

    • Physical exercises

    • Quiz 1 Bioresonance method

  • 7

    Basic Level 1: Section 5: The essential basics

    • The Bovis Scale or Biometer

    • Lymphatics - chakras

    • Meridians

  • 8

    Basic Level 1: Section 6: Measurement of a person's bio-energies

    • Measurement of a person's bio-energies - what and how to measure

    • Why measure only once

    • Video tutorial: Exercise: How to measure in slanted and horizontal position

    • Energy Balancing Report Harmonic Remedies

    • Video of an actual reading of a person's bio-energies

    • Video of an actual reading of a person's bio-energies - Case 2

    • Quiz 2 Bioresonance method

  • 9

    Intermediate Level 2: Section 7: Check objects worn on the body and make them compatible

    • Check objects/products worn on the body and make them compatible (objects)

    • Video: make belt compatible

  • 10

    Intermediate Level 2: Section 8: Harmonic Remedies - quality and how to measure

    • Harmonic Remedies - quality and how to measure

    • How to prepare the Lecher antenna to measure Harmonic Remedies without the mass

    • Exercise to familiarize yourself with measuring Harmonic Remedies

    • Measurement of quality of crystals

    • Measurement of quality of essential oils

    • Quiz 3 Bioresonance method

  • 11

    Intermediate Level 3: Section 9: Lecher antenna screening Harmonic Remedies

    • How to proceed with a set of crystals

    • How to proceed with a set of specific colors

    • How to proceed with a set of essential oils

    • How to proceed with a set of homeopathics, Bach flowers and specifics

    • Case 2: How to proceed with multiple sets: crystals, colors, oils, homeopathics, ...

  • 12

    Advanced Level 4: Section 10: How to measure and screen Harmonic Remedies for yourself

    • Lecher antenna Harmonic Remedies bio-energy reading - how to measure yourself

    • How to screen a set of crystals for yourself

    • How to screen a set of specific colors for yourself

    • How to screen a set of essential oils for yourself

    • Good practice - how to improve your cosmo-telluric synergy

    • Quiz 4 Bioresonance method

  • 13

    Advanced Level 4: Section 11: How to look for Harmonic Remedies in a shop

    • How to look for Harmonic Remedies in a shop - example crystals

  • 14

    Advanced Level 4: Section 12: Introduction to distance work

    • Introduction to distance work

  • 15

    Advanced Level 4: Section 13: Useful additional material: Coaching students ea

    • Coaching students during a training course PART1 bio-energy reading INFO

    • Coaching students during a training course PART 1- bio-energy screening

    • Coaching students during a training course PART 2 - screening for remedies INFO

    • Coaching students during a training course PART 2 - screening for remedies

    • Important information good practice

  • 16

    Test what you've learned

    • Course 2: test what you've learned

  • 17


    • Assignment - case study

  • 18

    Bioenergetics course: live personalized coaching

    • Live coaching - questions/answers and evaluation of assignment

  • 19

    Other courses, optional certification course and other practical information

    • The many paths forward - other resources - social media and disclaimers

    • Before you go...

Who this course is meant for

  • Anyone interested in improving their health and well-being and that of their family and friends.

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to measure bio-energies.

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to screen for Harmonic Remedy/Remedies that will balance or partially balance your or a person's bio-energies.

  • Anyone who would like to work with crystals and/or colors and/or essential oils or and/Bach flowers and/or homeopathics, ... in combination with the Lecher antenna.

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to make objects worn on their body compatible or more compatible.

This course is inclusive of

  • 5 hours on-demand video tutorials and videos recorded at several locations - Quizzes - Practice Test - Assignment - access on mobile and desktop

    This course is the equivalent of a 2-3 day in person course to a group of 2-4 students.

  • Questions/answers and discussion forum with the instructor and other students for each lecture + assignment and 40 minutes 1 on 1 personalized tutoring and coaching included (estimated study and practice load of 4-5 hours work coaching included)

    It is possible that the coaching is done for more than 1 student so you can learn from each other. If the case, the duration of the live session will be extended accordingly.

  • 180 days access


  • No other prior knowledge is required

  • Have access to the internet

  • Be able to watch and listen to video tutorials online

  • Have or acquire a Lecher antenna that has a non-isolated mass. Whether the mass has holes or not is not important. It is important that you can put several remedies at the same time on or in the mass. There are suppliers that can offer a mass and electrical wire as an add-on for a Lecher antenna.

  • It is important to have a sufficient number of harmonic remedies per type of remedy, at least 20 or 30.

  • Wanting to put a set or sets of harmonic remedies together.
    The harmonic remedies used can be either of the following or a combination of: crystals - colors - essential oils - homeopathy - oligo-elements - plants - phytotherapy - minerals - Bach flowers - Schüssler salts - gemmotherapy - floral complexes.
    A set of 20 specific color filters can be acquired from the instructor (while stocks last).

  • It is not an obligation to have any harmonic remedies as the remedies can be screened in a shop selling these remedies if the shop-owner of the person attending the shop allows you to select your harmonic remedies on site. It is however more convenient to be in possession of one or more sets of harmonic remedies.

Social proof: testimonials

Testimonial online Bioenergetics Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies online course

Maggie Pashley, Alternative Practitioner Ireland

I loved this course as it helped me expand on my Lecher antenna bio-energy knowledge. I was also pleased to be able to bring in crystals and Bach flower remedies (in addition to colour and essential oils) as I have used these a lot in the past and can bring them into Lecher sessions now. The teaching is very clear and I like the way certain procedures are repeated so that they sink in. I am beginning to feel more confident about using the antenna and excited to learn more.

Testimonial online Bioenergetics Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies online course

Joanne Johson United States

I enjoyed the course. There were many good demonstrations as to how to apply the information. It was very helpful to me seeing how to work the lecher antenna and the remedies as opposed to just reading about it.

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Bioresonance Harmonic Remedies online course

Lucio Garnieri, Medical Doctor France

Good course. Clear and useful, and allows to learn many important things, and be at ease with the antenna of Lecher.

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 online course

Paul Howell, United States

Rated 5 out of 5
*Anne-Marie's course is simply amazing.
This is a new kind of physics and the results obtained are completely beyond coincidence. You can save hundreds of hours and untold sums of money by using Anne-Marie's training and this device. Personally, I especially appreciate that I can also use her techniques for my pet who cannot talk...!

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know "what, where, how and what to do about it" as soon and as expeditiously as possible. The potential seems unlimited! Further, this course has integrity and a compassionate approach in helping people (and pets) resolve health issues. I am very grateful to be learning these methods.*

I would like to mention that the Lecher antenna methods (Delmotvibres and Bioresonance) that are taught in this course is meant for persons as it was not tested on animals. But I can imagine that finding a Remedy by means of Bioresonance that is lacking in your pet like a Schüssler Salt which is actually just a food supplement can be helpful for its better well-being. Anne-Marie

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 online course

Elodie Fritsch, Naturopath, The Netherlands

Excellent course!

Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent practical course for who wants to screen and balance bioenergy.

Easy to follow, well structured and documented.

Testimonial online Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Level 1 & 2 course (Delmotvibres-method)

Dr. Mahmoud Tabbal, Medical Doctor Lebanon

Excellent course very extensive highly recommended. I felt difference after balancing myself. I like the way Dame Anne-Marie presents and explains the topics. I would love to see level 3 and 4 in future with more in depth balancing.

Testimonial online Lecher Antenna Bio-energy Level 1 & 2 course (Delmotvibres-method)

Suus Glaesmaekers, physiotherapist, The Netherlands

I think it is a very thorough full explanation, I've read al lot before taking this course but its always good to see everything, because I'm a person who is very visual orientated :) Today I finished the course and now all is left, is practicing. It's really very helpful all the information in the course. Thanks and lots of love

Testimonial in person Lecher Antenna Basic Level course Belgium

Eric Colpaert, Professor of Architecture and Visual Artist

Dear Anne-Marie. Thank you for your Lecher antenna training course of 30 October 2019 in Ostend Belgium. I found it to be very interesting and particularly enjoyable. I was able to refresh some of my knowledge and also learned a lot of new things.

Instructor Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte


Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte has an Associate’s Degree in Clinical Chemistry and works as a scientist at the Belgian Government. In 2018, she received the title of Knight in the Leopold Order from the King of Belgium for her work. The work she does for the government is completely different from her own personal energy research project.
Because she is hypersensitive to all kinds of energies and wanted to objectify what she was sensing, she searched for an instrument that is able to measure and determine these energies objectively and scientifically.

In Belgium, in 2008, she was introduced to the Lecher antenna by the non-profit organisation CEREB - Belgium from whom she acquired her so long for searched instrument. She attended several training courses organised by CEREB which introduced her to geobiology and bio-energy measurements.

She set off to do measurements at places that are known for their special energies like the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, several megalithic sites in Ireland and the Megalithic Sites of Carnac and Brittany.

After the miraculous recovery of her mother, who was dying, after a balancing of her energies with the Lecher antenna she decided to learn more about bio-energy balancings. She found this through an additional training course organised by CEREB, several books and an ACMOS training course in Scotland.

Anne-Marie is currently on a several year career break to make this precious little instrument that is the Lecher antenna and its many uses much better known than it is today.

She wants to make the knowledge available and much more affordable to all by means of her Practical Guide, books, online training and actual training courses. She herself had to set up a crowdfunding at the time for her own training. She is constantly looking for low budget solutions to balance a person’s bio-energies, to reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation and to clear negative energies, or what some call geopathic stress that can be hazardous to health and cause illness, from a person’s home place in order for more people to have access to this type of "alternative" work.

Her very elaborate research of the Megalithic Sites in mainly Ireland and France have made her understand that the Ancient Builders were already clearing this very geopathic stress thousands of years ago by means of certain stones for better livestock farming, crops and yields. She is able to recreate these very same energies as the Ancients in home places allowing for clearing of the negative energies with very low budget solutions.

This way much more people can be helped and her courses teaching this to others makes this knowledge available for even more, of which some unfortunately wait till they are already very sick before seeking aid at an energetic level, to be helped.

But the more people know about geopathic stress and bio-energy balancings, the more people might make the link to their energetic health and/or home place as being a possible cause of their “ill” feeling.

Anne-Marie’s books and work are important into creating more awareness about this. A very noble mission. I wish for her to be able to keep up this honorable work for many years to come. The world will be a better place for it. Thank you, Anne-Marie, for temporarily stepping down from your important government job serving your country to make this possible.

Anne-Marie also holds following qualifications: USUI Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Reiki Crystal Master/Teacher/Practitioner Degree as well as a Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner Degree.
Photo of Anne-Marie Delmotte

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Disclaimer: The instructor of this course does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the instructor is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this course for yourself or others, which is your constitutional right, the instructor assumes no responsibility for your actions.