Learn how to Feel Fantastic AND how to have a healthy home of high spiritual and vibrational quality in which you can thrive and prosper

Taught by means of easy and simple methods

Watch this video to get to know your Coach and Instructor Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte and find out about some of her Lecher antenna experiences

Talk and demonstration by your Coach, Instructor and Practitioner Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte about the Lecher Antenna, the Feel Fantastic Programs and Full Package and her own personal testimonials and life-changers thanks to this small but very precious instrument.

The Lecher Antenna Feel Fantastic Package consists of:

How did the Lecher Antenna Feel Fantastic Programs help Eileen solve many health issues

Video interview with Eileen Conneely, Homeopath from Ireland on how the Lecher Antenna Feel Fantastic Programs helped solve many health issues for herself, her loved ones and her clients.

Lecher Antenna Geo(home)biology Feel Fantastic Program
Levels 1,2,3 and 4

Benefits, outcomes and life-changers

  • Learn how you can have a healthy home and office in which you can thrive and prosper

  • Be able to look for water, silver gold, copper, diamonds, ...

  • Gain knowledge about the energies of your surroundings that can have an effect of your health and well-being

  • Learn how and what energies to look for in your office, bedroom, home, terrain, on a plan, on a person, ...

  • Gain exclusive knowledge how to overcome or neutralise harmful energies

  • Learn how to improve, enhance and create beneficial energies in your office, home or space

  • Have access to Secret Knowledge of the Ancient Builders of the Megalithic Sites (Stone Age)

Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Feel Fantastic Program
Levels 1,2,3,4 and 5

Benefits, outcomes and life-changers

  • Learn how to feel fantastic and make others feel fantastic too by keeping health and well-being in top condition

  • Develop the skill of working with a Lecher antenna

  • Learn about the importance of health and well-being at energetic level

  • Gain knowledge how to read and evaluate your or another person's bio-energies

  • Be able to lower influence of mobile phone and other sources of electromagnetic radiation on a person's health and well-being

  • Verify if objects worn on your body are beneficial

  • Gain extensive and exclusive knowledge how to optimise your or a person's bio-energies

  • Learn how to find the most suitable remedies by means of the Lecher antenna

  • Learn the exact steps to perform distance work

  • Become a Certified Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Practitioner from the Delmotvibres Training Center which has an excellent Code of Conduct and Ethics and very High Standard Moral Values

The Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Practitioner Certification Module
Level 6

Change your career or bring your practice to another level by adding the Lecher antenna to your complementary therapy practice


  • Be a Certified Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Practitioner from the Delmotvibres Training Center which has an excellent Code of Conduct and Ethics and very High Standard Moral Values

  • Work when you want and from where you want as you can do distance work sessions with your clients too

  • No need for a practice room

  • Generate an income between $£€48000 (half time) to $£€96000 (full time) per month depending on how many hours/day and how many days/week you want to work. And this is in case you offer your sessions at low-budget!

  • A satisfying job which constantly produces good results for your client’s health and well-being that gives the client insight in certain of the issues he/she is dealing with

  • Build a steady practice with satisfied returning clients

  • Keep your own health and well-being in optimal condition at all times

  • Anne-Marie Delmotte’s aim is to ensure that you are competent in Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics and will have the knowledge and skills to start your own Complementary Therapy Practice


Additional FREE material

  • Free gift (market value 135 euros)

    FREE set of 20 specific colors.
    These particular specific colors for colortherapy of a person's bio-energies and to harmonize a room, office or space are the fruit of many years of research and proven to be experienced as soft and highly efficient.

  • Free Lecher Antenna starter's course (market value 49.99euros)

    FREE Lecher antenna starter's course "Lecher Antenna Dowsing - The Basics and Useful Exercises".
    This course allows the student to learn very quickly how to handle and use the Lecher antenna correctly by means of easy to perform, short exercises.

    This will allow the student to save lots of time when taking the Bioenergetics or Geobiology course as he/she will already know how to work with this small but very precious instrument.

  • Exclusive Lecher antenna settings for chakras and meridians

    Access to exclusive material for meridians and chakras from group of scientists and Lecher antenna researchers on the continent.

Get your Exclusive Lecher Antenna
Feel Fantastic Package
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Some testimonials

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Feel Fantastic Program

Paul Howell United States

Very encouraging and exciting. Definitely a little known kind of physics really needed for health conditions often not helped with conventional medicine.

Anne-Marie's course is simply amazing. This is a new kind of physics and the results obtained are completely beyond coincidence. You can save hundreds of hours and untold sums of money by using Anne-Marie's training and this device.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know "what, where, how and what to do about it" as soon and as expeditiously as possible. The potential seems unlimited!
br> Further, this course has integrity and a compassionate approach in helping people resolve health issues.

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Feel Fantastic Practitioner Program

Elodie Fritsch - Naturopath and now recognized Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Practitioner - The Netherlands

Excellent practical course for who wants to screen and balance bioenergy. Easy to follow, well structured and documented.

Testimonial Lecher Antenna Geobiology Levels 1,2,3 & 4 Feel Fantastic Program

Eileen Conneely - Homeopath Ireland

This course has been so beneficial and fascinating! I love how practical it is, and how Anne-Marie's clear demonstrations makes it easy to apply in your own home/ work space.
The information shared is really so precious and beneficial for our health. I work as a homeopath, and am currently training in Autonomic response testing (applied kinesiology). It's very common for geopathic stress to show up as a root cause underlying an individual's chronic health problems. It is very empowering and helpful to have a tool which can potentially resolve geopathic stress in an individual's home to help improve their level of health, and prevent a worsening of chronic symptoms. I am beyond delighted to have such a fantastic tool, and the knowledge to use it to improve the energetic quality of my own home, and to know that I'm doing all I can to prevent harmful geopathic stress from impacting the health of my children, and of course my own health.
This Geobiology course has been the best investment of my time and finances. I am so glad that I came to know of Anne-Marie Delmotte's work.
If you're thinking about doing this course, don't think twice. I highly recommend it!
Anne-Marie's teaching is clear, concise, and very generous.
Thank you Anne-Marie for sharing such invaluable and empowering knowledge.

This course is inclusive of

  • 11-12 hours on-demand video tutorials and videos recorded at several locations - Quizzes - 5 Practice Tests - access on mobile and desktop + private student Facebook group

  • Questions/answers and discussion forum with the instructor and other students for each lecture.
    2 VIP Training Experiences personalized coaching: 2 assignments and 2 x40-60 minutes 1 on 1 personalized coaching included (estimated study and practice load of 8-12 hours work coaching included)

  • 12 months access

    This course is the equivalent of a 10 day in person course to a group of 2-4 students.

About instructor
Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte

Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte has an Associate’s Degree in Clinical Chemistry and works as a scientist at the Belgian Government. In 2018, she received the title of Knight in the Leopold Order from the King of Belgium for her work. The work she does for the government is completely different from her own personal energy research project.

Because she is hypersensitive to all kinds of energies and wanted to objectify what she was sensing, she searched for an instrument that is able to measure and determine these energies objectively and scientifically.

In Belgium, in 2008, she was introduced to the Lecher antenna by the non-profit organisation CEREB - Belgium from whom she acquired her so long for searched instrument. She attended several training courses organised by CEREB which introduced her to geobiology and bio-energy measurements.

She set off to do measurements at places that are known for their special energies like the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, several megalithic sites in Ireland and the Megalithic Sites of Carnac and Brittany.

After the miraculous recovery of her mother, who was dying, after a balancing of her energies with the Lecher antenna she decided to learn more about bio-energy balancings. She found this through an additional training course organised by CEREB, several books and an ACMOS training course in Scotland.

Anne-Marie is currently on a several year career break to make this precious little instrument that is the Lecher antenna and its many uses much better known than it is today.
She wants to make the knowledge available and much more affordable to all by means of her Practical Guide, books, online training and actual training courses. She herself had to set up a crowdfunding at the time for her own training.

She is constantly looking for low budget solutions to balance a person’s bio-energies, to reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation and to clear negative energies, or what some call geopathic stress that can be hazardous to health and cause illness, from a person’s home place in order for more people to have access to this type of "alternative" work.

Her very elaborate research of the Megalithic Sites in mainly Ireland and France have made her understand that the Ancient Builders were already clearing this very geopathic stress thousands of years ago by means of certain stones for better livestock farming, crops and yields. She is able to recreate these very same energies as the Ancients in home places allowing for clearing of the negative energies with very low budget solutions. This way much more people can be helped and her courses teaching this to others makes this knowledge available for even more, of which some unfortunately wait till they are already very sick before seeking aid at an energetic level, to be helped. But the more people know about geopathic stress and bio-energy balancings, the more people might make the link to their energetic health and/or home place as being a possible cause of their “ill” feeling.

Anne-Marie’s books and work are important into creating more awareness about this. A very noble mission. I wish for her to be able to keep up this honorable work for many years to come. The world will be a better place for it. Thank you, Anne-Marie, for temporarily stepping down from your important government job serving your country to make this possible.

Anne-Marie also holds following qualifications: USUI Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Reiki Crystal Master/Teacher/Practitioner Degree as well as a Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner Degree.
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Anne-Marie Delmotte

Get your Exclusive Lecher Antenna
Feel Fantastic Package
at exceptional FEEL FANTASTIC 69% discount now

Till 31 December 2022 only!

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A Lecher antenna is not included and has to be acquired separately. Do make sure that it is one that comes with a mass and an electrical wire of comfortable lenght (1.5 meters to 2 meters).

The Lecher Antenna Bioenergetics Practitioner Certification Module is not included and has to be registered for separately

Disclaimer: The instructor of this course does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the instructor is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this course for yourself or others, which is your constitutional right, the instructor assumes no responsibility for your actions. 

Photo of meridians/ Courtesy of Thunderchild at flickr.com